TFC Premium - The Fempreneur Collective

TFC Premium launches March 2018!

TFC Premium is the paid business growth program by The Fempreneur Collective. The mission of The Fempreneur Collective is to support the female entrepreneur world-wide on her journey with business advice, guidance, marketing education to facilitate business growth and a healthy work hard, play hard ratio.

The free training classes and bootcamps In The Fempreneur Collective community are step 1 and in 2018 we’re taking it up a notch together with one of a kind 6 month marketing training to give your business a boost.

One of a kind online training format

Imagine having your own marketing and branding agency at your beck and call! This is not another group format without access to the experts. Also no worries on how to implement what you’re learning into your specific niche and business. The Fempreneur Collective got you covered there as well!

The format of this 6 month TFC Premium Program is truly one of a kind and was developed by the founder of TFC Jakolien Sok. She has perfected her educational skills in the 10 years of giving offline and online training to more than a 1000 entrepreneurs and professionals in the field of online marketing and branding to ensure maximum success.

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