How many times were you on Facebook, just scrolling away, until you saw the results of a quiz that one of your friends just took! And, be honest, how many times have you clicked on it and taken that same quiz? I have, many, many times! Although I have to admit that I mostly don’t share them. Because really who of my friends is curious about what kind of gemstone I am?


How I became a partner of Interact

When I was approached by Interact – one of the leading companies in quiz building software – late last year about possibly becoming a partner I was curious but also I had a lot of questions! It wasn’t really clear to me how to use this as a viable marketing tool. That was until I got to the back-end! Holy moly … So much choice and the user interface was clean and professional. Just the way I like it ;).

So I said yes to the partnership. And then life happened. I had an end of year rally in my business and then I had 3 weeks off and then January was a whole different story! Let’s just say that I am glad and thankful that month is behind us ツ.

But I had promised them to try it out and write about my findings. So I finally made a choice out of the different types of assets you can build inside Interact today.


How does the platform work?

There are Quizzes of course and you can choose from assessments, personality or scores. Then you have giveaways and polls! I haven’t tried the last two but I sure will now I’ve got the hang of the platform. And let me tell you. It was easy! The whole back-end is really intuitive. So even if you’re not a nerd like me who likes to tinker with software until late at night then you’ll still be fine! And if you need just a little more help then Interact has a lot of tutorial videos and written steps to follow. So no matter your technical aptitude you will be fine!

So once you’ve made your choice from over 100 quiz templates, you just have to decide one more thing and that is if you want to build your own quiz from scratch or if you want to use one of their templates. Since it was my first quiz ever made I opted for one of the templates.


Branding your quiz

Then the hard part comes… Choose the images you want! Because really that is the hardest part. All the other things are easy and all the options come with a little question mark next to them. Once you hove over them they will give more information to get you sorted.

For me visual imagery is really important so while I could have gone with the selected images and still have a very visually appealing quiz, I opted to change all the images. That took some time. I had to search in my image banks for images that fit with the questions and select a cover image and 3 images that went with the possible outcomes. But again, you don’t have to!


Oh and I also changed all the possible answers from ‘agree’, ‘mostly agree’ and ‘disagree’ to custom answers that are in line with the tone of voice of my brand. But honestly for the 13 questions that took me about 5 minutes! I would highly recommend doing this if you build you quiz. Make sure that it is true to your brand voice and identity. Especially is you’re using this as one of the main ways to build your list. You wouldn’t want to attract prospects who do not fit your brand am I right?


Connecting to my autoresponder was a breeze!

The other thing that took a little time was setting up the auto responder integration. But I clocked myself and all in all that was sorted in 10 minutes! And that is including me setting up the 3 lists to go with the 3 different outcomes and some custom fields. Luckily I have MailerLite as my email marketing platform and setting up lists is literally 2 seconds. That used to be such a hassle when I was using Mailchimp!

And if you don’t want the respondents email address then you can skip this step. But! Hold on, you know that old saying: “the money is in the list”. And that is still true. Although I like to add “an engaged list”. Because a large list with miserable open rates does no one any good! A quick tip here is to add a line about the fact that in addition to receiving the results in a pop up on the screen in exchange for their email address they will also be receiving updates from your biz as well. Just to keep it transparent. You also have to add a link to your privacy policy on your site when you start building the quiz. I made sure to add quizzes as one of the options as to how we received their email address.


I know you must be curious and want to take my quiz already, well here it is!



So you built your quiz, now what?

Once you’re happy with your results you just hit publish and that’s it! You get a number of options:

★ You can use the quiz as a Pop up on your website

★ Use it as an Announcement Bar on your website

★ Set up a Facebook Ad for your quiz

★ Embed the quiz in your website or on your landing Page

★ You have the option to get a Direct Link to your quiz

★ And lastly you can share your quiz directly as a social media post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+


How much does it cost to get started?

Nothing! Interact has a pricing structure from free to various levels of professional use which are paid versions. Free is free forever – yes I knew you would like that! – but it does have its limitations as is to be expected. New business can upgrade to the Lite version for around $17 per month if you are on the annual plan but you can take it month by month as well if you prefer.

As always the decision to pay for a tool or platform has to be in the monetization potential it has for you business. If you are going to use Interact to quickly build your email list with quality leads that will love what you are selling then it truly is a no brainer. If you are going to build the quiz and not market it anywhere or if you don’t have anything to sell to your list then … well you get my point ;).


Are you ready to build your list with quizzes?

I really loved working with the Interact quiz builder. It was flawless from beginning to end. No tech glitches, lots of branding customisation possibilities for me as a partner to make it truly fit The Fempreneur Collective brand.

I am totally onboard with using quizzes for building my list in a fun and easy way! I’m going to be sharing them with all my clients and the members of The Fempreneur Collective community as a definite must to add to their marketing toolkit!

Do you want to take advantage of a free Interact trial? Then use the TFC affiliate link (at no additional cost to you of course) and get started building your list babe!

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