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Your new favorite online one-stop-hub to hang out! We’re here just for you; the female small (online) business owner who wants to be part of a community, share her journey, grow her biz and learn how to attract her dream clients by crafting an ah.ma.zing online presence and implementing successful marketing strategies.

What’s the buzz all about?

You found our little corner of this big online world that we’ve claimed for all of you Biz Boosting Fempreneurs who want more than a hobby or a little business on the side! You want it all and we’re here to tell you that’s you’ve got this and we’ve got you!

With lots of freebies, TFC Expert Classes, no fluff online marketing workshops, The Fempreneur Collective is not your average Facebook group. You’ll quickly find out why we’re special when you read what some of members have to say about why they love TFC to the moon and back!

So let’s get this show on the road and create your version of success together, of course, with a brand that looks like a million bucks and enough time to enjoy the finer things in life! A glass off bubbly anyone?

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When I joined The Fempreneur Collective I was concerned about the willingness and openness of those within. Having been a member of other groups, and some paid, it hadn’t always been easy to express ideas especially when you are in dream up. Jakolien and this amazing group of women opened their arms and let me fall securely. I can ask questions, post ideas for feedback and truly get to connect.  Jakolien is amazing, honest, upfront and funny. She wants you to succeed and understands that her community needs help and it’s not about her. It’s my safe place as I grow.

Deborah Foley Criss

Founder, Kick Ass Corporate Chick

“Business Woman” is a big part of my identity and I wanted an online community that told the story of biz through the gaze of women. The Fempreneur Collective is Jakolien, who is Hera, Athena and Aphrodite combined. Its a supportive, nurturing group of intelligent knowledgeable courageous determined professional women, who integrate the powerful feminine qualities of beauty and sensuality into their work. Since I’ve been a member my targets are reached, new goals set, business is growing towards my vision and more importantly I’ve found my tribe.

Jill Wigmore-Welsh

Founder, MPC Modern Pain Care Clinic UK

What to look forward to when you join

Connect with like-minded fempreneurs

Connect with like-minded fempreneurs in a closed and safe environment to chat, share ideas and brainstorm, get accountability, ask questions and get valuable answers!

TFC Expert Classes

TFC Expert Classes by industry leaders on all.things.marketing from email marketing to Instagram and from Facebook Ads to nailing your visual brand identity to make your brand look like a million bucks!

Special deals anyone?

You also get special early bird pricing on all The Fempreneur Collective premium programs and eCourses What? Really? Yes ma’am, you are special and we’ll treat you that way.

Did anyone say where's the App?

At The Fempreneur Collective we value all things tech that will get us closer to you! Take TFC with you on the go! We’ll be there for you to access whenever and wherever you want or need us!


Practical online marketing advice

Practical online marketing advice from our very experienced founder Jakolien Sok in the form of Q&A’s, replies on your questions and in workshops just for group members.


You'll be the first to know all.the.news

You’re the first to hear and to sign up for The Fempreneur Collective challenges and bootcamps. When we’re ready to launch another piece of brilliance to get you to the next level in your biz, you’ll hear it first!

Social selling you say?

You’ll learn all about Social Selling, and the secrets to client attraction from our founder Jakolien Sok who has perfected the art of both after 10 years of running her marketing agency!


We don't allow spam in the community. Period.

No spam whatsoever! I know, that’s the bomb.com am I right?. Our #TFCcrewmembers are ON it because we value your time and space too much, not to mention your peace of mind.

Meet the Founder of TFC

Jakolien Sok - Founder of The Fempreneur Collective

Jakolien Sok

Jakolien Sok is the founder of Boosting Your Brand & The Fempreneur Collective. She’s a 10+ years Marketing Mentor & Digital Strategist and teaches female entrepreneurs with digital based businesses how to build a unique brand and leverage online marketing to generate more leads, more sales and more growth in their business! She has specialized in online marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing. Her vast entrepreneurial experience, psychological and sociological insights and extensive online marketing expertise translate into practical advice and results. Jakolien has successfully trained and supported over 1000 entrepreneurs and professionals in their personal development and entrepreneurial growth.

Being part of a group that makes you feel safe to share and make personal and business connections is what makes The Fempreneur Collection special. That is just the icing on the cake. Getting great tips and info, all the time, that keeps you on top of your game and motivated to stay focused are the cake of it all. This group and her founder Jakolien Sok are the bees knees!

Elle Kersey

Founder/Coder, EK Media Agency

TFC  and Jakolien give me the help & encouragement to keep going day by day. Makes me so happy we cross paths and I have learned immensely with all the content and feed back TFC has provided me. I love the cordiality, the warmth and support I get in TFC and would recommend TFC to any woman who is looking to start a business or needs a community to support her while she grows big.

Zoe Rodz

Founder, Chef Zoe Rodz

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