Asking for expert advice can seem intimidating, scary and perhaps even a waste of time (especially when there’s so much information online about every topic in the world, ever). Melissa chats about her own experience with needing to find expert help with a situation outside of her business, and what she learned that can be applied to your business.



To provide context into where I’m taking this blog post, you have to know the following: I have been going to the gym regularly since September of 2013. I had gone to gym on an irregular basis before that, but I made a serious commitment to the gym and to myself in September of 2013. I take my weight training quite seriously. I’m no expert, however. I have merely read quite a lot on the topic, and try to implement what I learn.

I took up yoga a couple of months before I started my weight training and I loved it. It helped to improve my strength and flexibility, but also showed me where my imbalances were in my body. I focused mostly on weight training with a bit of yoga in 2014, then shifted to mostly yoga in 2015, then found a balance between them in 2016 (when I did more of both). I shifted back to mostly weight training in 2017. This is because I battled with my hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders. Flexibility and mobility weren’t improving, and I got frustrated with trying consistently and only feeling pain and no progress.

Tools of Titans

I’d always resisted asking for help at the gym because I didn’t think the gym salespeople or the staff on the gym floor knew much about how to help me – I didn’t think any one of them was an expert in what I needed help with. I also didn’t want to commit to months of sessions with a personal trainer, a biokineticist or a physiotherapist with no end goal in sight – I wasn’t sure if I was ready for expert help, or if I really, really needed it.

While this was going on in the background, I recently started readingTools of Titans by Tim Ferris. The premise of the book is that he interviews people in various disciplines who are at the top of their fields – from scientific researchers and athletes to entrepreneurs and authors. I read a lot about mobility and flexibility near the start of the book. I was intrigued and wanted to implement what I was learning, but the seemingly simple content covered in the book was too advanced for me. I knew I needed to start with smaller, simpler steps.

A few days ago, I chatted to my husband about this, and he suggested that I ask a staff member who works at the front desk at the gym about my situation and see what they would recommend.

My frustration with my own limitations, as well as my frustration with the pain in my hips and back finally prompted me to ask for expert advice.

So we went to the gym, I chatted to a staff member and they suggested I work with a personal trainer. I booked and paid for my sessions and met my trainer. I explained the problems I was having, he asked a few questions, and he said that he could help me, but that it wouldn’t be a quick fix (I knew this already, and I never hope for quick fixes).

I made an appointment with him that will have already happened by the time you read this blog post.

Expert Advice and Your Business

This whole process led me to think about business and entrepreneurship, and our resistance to asking for expert advice or asking an expert to help us with a specific problem.

Oftentimes, we think it’s a waste of time and money to ask an expert for help.  Or we think that they won’t be able to tell us anything that we can’t find online, or we think that our business or situation is too unique for someone else to be able to offer help.

But from experience, I have a few thoughts to share.

Even if you read lots of blogs, articles, books and implement the useful information, you may still hit roadblocks. In these cases, it’s often good to get one-on-one help with the specifics of your situation. Oftentimes, the information online is geared towards a one-size-fits-many approach to be able to help a large number of people a little bit. By enlisting the help of an expert, you’re getting one person’s laser-focus on your situation, and they’re tailoring their advice to be applicable to you. This is, in my mind, a better way to make tangible progress.


Investment in your future

People don’t create businesses around work that they’re sorta-kinda good at. Their reputation would suffer if they did that. So you can safely assume that if someone has built a business, that they’re pretty good at what they do, and would happily offer advice or give you a consultation.

Asking an expert for assistance can also give you greater insights into your situation, and working with them can give you the tools to be able to make progress on your own in the future. This is the most valuable part – the investment in your future. In this way, working with an expert is a “two-for-one” benefit: you get immediately actionable help that benefits your short-term future, and what you learn can be of benefit for a long time to come.

Last year, we hosted expert classes that you can watch for free by going here: Expert Classes. We are also planning classes for 2018, so keep an eye out in The Fempreneur Collective Facebook group for more details.

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