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The Fempreneur Collective is your favorite online one-stop-hub to hang out! We’re here just for you; the female small (online) business owner who wants to be part of a community, share her journey, grow her biz and learn how to attract her dream clients by crafting an online presence and implementing successful marketing strategies

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The Fempreneur Collective is one of the most helpful, supportive groups I've ever been in! Jakolien is always providing valuable information and resources and constantly engaging with other members - every comment feels like a hug from a good friend.

If I am looking for information or positivity and inspiration in this crazy online world, TFC is one of my go-to spots!

Brandi Good

Founder, BLG Business Solutions

I bumped into Jakolien on Instagram and immediately followed her, not only because her account is gorgeous, but she has such value tucked away in her captions. Also, she’s so approachable online – and I love that about her.

This is a straight-talking, get-your-head-in-the-game, work-hard-for-what-you-want group of entrepreneurs. And you definitely want in.

Melissa De Klerk

Founder, Fox & Owl Media

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I have been a member of The Fempreneur Collective for several months… watching from afar. When Jakolien promoted a recent webinar on finding your pitch I registered RIGHT AWAY. The webinar provided incredible value and information. The event showcased Jakolien’s industry knowledge. I have viewed the webinar several times in order to capture and implement all the valuable information. HOWEVER, the most incredible thing happened after the lecture, when Jakolien spent her time and energy with me with a one on one session. Clearly Jakolien’s intention was/is to help me grow and prosper. TFC and in particular Jakolien Sok is a rare find.

Carolyn Chebaro

Founder, Less is More

When The Fempreneur Collective was suggested to me by Facebook I was excited to join the community knowing it was a space for women. Who would have thought that upon entry to this community there would be so much warmth, support & connection. From the second I introduced myself the community was there to offer guidance & inspiration. The founder Jakolien, such a gorgeous warm hearted soul. From the valuable resources to the education she provides her values & beliefs inspire me, all of us that we’re on the right path to success. Jakolien thank you for all that you do and the TFC community I am so happy to call this space home.

Tara Midwood

Founder, Tara Midwood ~ Therapy & Wellness

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