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TFC is a GEM. I am so happy to find Jakolien on Facebook. As an online entrepreneur I am always in constant search of a support group that will help me understand more about the entrepreneurial world from using different tools and strategies I can use to help others. The trainings and webinars of Jakolien are amazing and well organized.

I don’t get overwhelmed with all the content, 1 topic at a time, and the worksheets, tutorials, live Q&A sessions are very helpful. I highly recommend TFC Members Club to any Fempreneur who is in search of amazing training content. It is worth the investment!

Joanna Sherrow

Founder, SavvyChic Design

Being a part of TFC has helped up-level my mindset around my business, around what’s actually possible for me and my business, and has given me the confidence and skills to be able to do build my business much faster than I ever could on my own. I found previously I was continually getting stuck at my upper limits and letting myself be blocked by these.

By being a TFC member and developing my skills, getting feedback and advice from both members and Jakolien, I have been able to push through these blocks and continually advance myself and my business to the next level.

Donna Boylen

Founder, Purposely Productive

TFC Profit Vault is launching in April 2019!


Get access to the Extensive Online Marketing Training, Support and Accountability!

Extensive Online Marketing Training modules on topics like Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Your Perfect Brand Identity, Profitable 90-Day Planning, Getting Started on YouTube, Selling on Instagram and so much more!

Running your own business will probably be one of the most exciting endeavours that you will undertake in your life! You love what you do, but in all likelihood you are spending lots of time working in your business rather than on your business! You’re hustling like crazy, doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

Let me save you the five years that it took me to learn this lesson: that strategy just doesn’t work! Access to TFC Profit Vault  is your path to less confusion, less stress, less frustration. We help you to create alignment and flow with expertly crafted strategies that will lead to more business and a new and fierce boss babe version of you!


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Any solopreneur knows how isolating it can be to run your own business. Enter the TFC Members Club! When I face a roadblock in my business, the TFC is the first place I go to not only get support but gain the clarity that helps propel both my businesses forward.

Out of the goodies Jakolien offers, the access to her is my absolute favorite. Knowing she is always a message or Voxer away isn’t something you can put a price tag on: it’s priceless. I know I now have not only a life-long mentor but also a friend. I’m proud to have been a TFC founding member. Best business decision I made in 2018!

Tenna Rasmussen

Founder, Organized to a T